Rapstress newcomer, Jazz Anderson, delivers an optimistic outlook on life, her career, and personal issues, on her LP Separation Anxiety. Removing oneself from the barricades that outsiders try to limit us to, as Jazz explicitly states in her song Prosper, makes for the theme of the project. 


Engulfed with heavy live instrumentation, throughout the 11- song LP, Jazz gives a variety of warm, relatable, melodic hooks, with complimenting verses that leave listeners reflective and in awe due to her lyrical ability, flow, and storytelling. In Separation Anxiety, Jazz takes listeners through a whirlwind of emotions. The project begins with passionate, motivational records, making it obvious that the rapper has a point to prove. For example, in the intro record On My Way, the rapper’s first bars are, “I can bring sun to the arctic…I can bring growth to any harvest”. By these lyrics, listeners recognize Jazz is confident in her skill set and is letting it be known that she is a threat. As the project moves forward, Jazz gives listeners records that are more “sing-songy”, yet melodic with different flows. The project eventually delves into Jazz’s softer side with emotional records pertaining to her love life. 


On Separation Anxiety, Jazz Anderson shows she can hold her own amongst other respected artists. The project includes features from rap pioneer Lady Luck on a Busta Rhymes flip titled I C U, and a feature from DJ XO on a love song titled Roll Witchu, which channels an early 2000 Ashanti and Ja Rule tag team.


Separation Anxiety is Jazz Anderson’s coming of age story portrayed through music. As Jazz states in Love You, produced by De-Capo, she’s accepting of who’s she become and “ain’t running from anything that’s weighing on me…pray for anything that’s preying on me”. From this record we see that Jazz is content with the road she’s traveling and is putting her future in her own hands. Although a student of the game and of life, she will not run from experiencing trials and tribulations that will only allow her to grow.


Jazz Anderson may be a newcomer, but this freshman project executive produced by Los Angeles native Vic "Demone", may solidify her on her path as a breakout female rap star this upcoming year. Jazz Anderson puts an end to any doubts or preconceived notions people may have of her, with her first project Separation Anxiety. Jazz Anderson is here to stay and is spreading her wings on those who don’t want her to leave the nest of what they feel should be her level of comfortability…


welcome to Separation Anxiety.